Our Major Services linked with Consultation & Management are mentioned below:

1ST : Strategic Planning and Institutional Excellence

Many organizations may not realize the importance of planning work unless administrative problems appear (such as performance degradation / roles conflict / organizational slack / sales problems / employee dissatisfaction and leaving work – escaping from the organization in some causes / We always advising our clients at Al Bayan Management consulting to carry out their work Professionally and gradually from establishment of the project step by step together to reach the institutional excellence, we are honored to offer our services.

Consulting Services


  • Preparation of strategic and operational plans.
  • Preparation of plans to develop and improve performance and productivity.
  • Supporting and qualifying organizations to participate in local and international excellence awards.
  • Qualifying organizations to implement the standards of institutional excellence according to the EFQM model.

2ND : Human Resources Management

The efficiency of the organizations depends on investment of their resources. There is no doubt that human is the most valuable resource in the organization, and with increasing size of the organizations , the awareness of human resource importance increase , adoption of talented people has become more organizations becomes looking at their employees as a source of competitive advantage where the result of these changes to change employee relations to modern human resource management system, so we are working hard at Al Bayan Management Consulting to provide the following consulting services.

Consulting Services


  • Preparation of the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Functional analysis design and classification.
  • Planning and career development.
  • Planning human resource requirements.
  • Preparing the job description manual.
  • Preparation of the directory of the tables.
  • Preparation of the executive regulations and internal regulations.
  • Preparation of organizational structures.
  • Development of the system of polarization, selection, and recruitment.
  • Design and develop incentive systems, benefits, and services
  • Design and development of the system of wages and salaries
  • Development of human resources.
  • Design and development of performance appraisal systems
  • Development of organizational performance development programs.
  • Strategic planning for human resources management.
  • Preparation of the assessment center and building eligibility
  • Prepare psychological tests for new and existing employees.
  • Analysis of training needs.
  • Building development training plans.
  • Evaluation of training quality

3RD : Total Quality Management (TQM)

Philosophy of Total Quality Management starts from the conviction and support of the senior management to the importance of thoughts and philosophy of development and continuous in the improvement, so we work hard at Albayan management consulting on qualifying organization for requirements of the international standard for all the following systems.

Consulting Services


  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001: 2015)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015)
  • Power Management System (ISO 50001: 2011)
  • Community Responsibility Management System( SA 8000)
  • Food Safety and Management System (ISO 22000: 2005)
  • Social Responsibility System (ISO 26000: 2010)
  • Quality system for training departments (ISO 10015: 1999)
  • Quality Management System for Education and Training (ISO 29990: 2010)
  • Safety and Health Management System (OHSAS 18001: 2007)
  • Sustainability and Business Continuity Management System (ISO) 22301: 2012)
  • Innovation Management System BS 7000 and CEN / TS 16555
  • Building a risk management system according to (ISO 31000)

4TH : Entrepreneurship Projects (Small & Medium Enterprises)

Small & Medium Enterprises are considered as the most important sources of development in the society, which help to provide the market with new jobs and provide the necessary services for community, Management consulting plays a pivotal role in supporting these projects throughout the project life, especially in the start-up phase this stage is difficult for entrepreneurs, and so we have designed a package of consultations to support the entrepreneurs at competitive prices to stand beside them from the beginning to professionally.

Consulting Services


  • Consultant meeting in business administration.
  • Brainstorming workshops Consultant
  • Meetings between entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Holding consultative workshops (practically)
  • Holding your own consultant protocol program annually.
  • Building an inventive model
  • Prepare ( Business Plan Model )
  • Strategic planning for small projects.
  • Building an integrated management system and organizational structure.

5TH : Restructuring Companies

The philosophy of restructuring companies is crystallized in raising the efficiency of performance and deregulating the limit productivity and correcting the technological, financial path of the establishment and determining the powers and responsibilities to reach the strategic decisions in a timely and quality manner that helps organizations to continue in the business. In this sense, Al Bayan Consulting Management offers specialized consultancy:


  • Evaluate the current status of the facility.
  • Development of strategic objectives and plans.
  • Building prospecting capabilities.
  • Leading change and building internal skills and capabilities
  • Building the appropriate organizational structure.
  • Analysis of jobs.
  • Human resources Planning.
  • Setting standards for measuring performance.
  • Preparation of Administrative Regulations
  • Preparation of the Financial Regulations
  • Terms Regulations
  • Development of operational regulations and procedures.

6TH : Serving Charities – Nonprofit organization & Family funds

By considering the importance of the non-profit sector, which is largely represented in civil society organizations, from civil societies and institutions in the development of society, where they act as a major source of development at all manners either social or economic , As the sector grows the competition between organizations increase seeking for supporters trust whether individuals or private sector and government agencies. In this sense we are pleased to provide the following consultations:


  • Preparing the strategic plan and building the organizational structure.
  • Consultations related to the executive regulations
  • Evaluate investment status of the charity
  • Leading change and building internal skills and capabilities.
  • Building the appropriate organizational structure.
  • Assist in the implementation of governance standards.
  • Assistance in the application of anti-money laundering standards.
  • Consultations related to nonprofit organization
  • Provide solutions and suggestion for problems facing the Council.
  • Assist to apply the standards in order to get government support.


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